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LCK cleaning glove

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For quick cleaning in between!
With this product you can keep your fabric / leather furniture fresh every week. The gloves are washable, so you can use them again and again! See also: 'Tips'.

Use this product in this order:

  1. Use the LCK® cleaning glove dry or with a few drops of LCK® cleaning water and wipe the surface.
  2. Work neatly from seam to seam and always treat a complete section.

Always try maintenance products on an inconspicuous place before treating the entire piece of furniture.

Are you ordering this product separately? Then you will receive the following products:

  • LCK® cleaning glove (1 piece).

This is a reusable product. See: 'Tips'.

(!) Important:
Always respect the general maintenance information of your supplier. Try maintenance products on an inconspicuous place first before treating the entire piece of furniture. Be aware of textiles that cannot be treated with water. Extra careful if textiles include silk or wool.

The answers to your most frequently asked questions:

• How do i wash the LCK® cleaning glove?
The glove can simply be washed up to 60º Celsius. Just don't use fabric softener.

• Can I use this set to replace the recommended maintenance set?
No, this set is intended for weekly maintenance. For the six-monthly maintenance, we usually recommend using an alternative care set. Check the advice on the homepage for the maintenance advice of your furniture.

• Are these products also in another set?
Yes, for example in the Puratex® complete care set. Here you will find the glove and comparable cleaning water. 

• Why only dry cleaning?
Sometimes we give the advice: only dry cleaning. In that case, the fabric cannot/may not be wet cleaned. This occurs, for example, with fabrics with a high viscose content. But how do I clean a stain? Well usually not, in practice a stain in these types of fabrics often means: 'bad luck'. If in doubt, please contact us.


Do you have questions about this product? Then please contact us. 

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