Protecting fabric upholstery

What is fabric 'impregnation'? 

You can make fabric dirt and water repellent by protecting it with an impregnating agent. In the furniture world, this protective agent is used to extend the life of the design furniture. When your fabric is impregnated, liquids can penetrate less quickly. In other words, you buy yourself time to walk to the kitchen and blot up the liquid with a paper towel.

Impregnation of fabrics is certainly recommended on furniture that is used intensively. Think of sofas, relaxing armchairs and dining room chairs. After all, an accident is just around the corner. Fortunately, in many cases the fabric is also easier to clean if it has been impregnated beforehand.


The Puratex® impregnation and Puratex® strong protector are our most environmentally friendly products for fabric upholstery. Puratex® is odorless, colourless, does not affect the upholstery and is fully OEKO-TEX® certified. In addition, it is not manufactured through heavy polluting processes. You can therefore safely use Puratex® on your design furniture! 


Puratex® is used market-wide. From catering and hotel accommodations, to beds, sofas and luxurious velvet prams. Both the 500ml Puratex® strong protector and the 200ml Puratex® impregnation spray are very easy to use. You can impregnate an average sofa yourself in about 3 minutes. Because of the green properties you do not have to open windows and doors, the impregnation is dry after approximately 2 hours and works optimally after 24 hours.




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