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Archi (outdoor)

Impregnate with Puratex® from day 1, then monitor the contact areas every six months. Furthermore, you only have to dust and/or wipe the fabric weekly with a damp cloth. Respond quickly in case of any stains, contact us if in doubt.

Adviced maintenance product:          
Puratex® complete care set for textile upholstery


New furniture
Immediately impregnate with the Puratex® impregnation or Puratex® strong protector.

Dust with the LCK® cleaning glove. Optionally with a few drops of Puratex® cleaning water to refresh the fabric.

Simply wipe, clean and refresh the impregnation with the products from the Puratex® complete care set.

Stains / big spring cleaning
Use the small cleaner from the Puratex® complete care set for the new water-soluble stains. For larger work, use this 500ml variant:


Also read our general information about cleaning and impregnating fabrics with Puratex®. Our most environmentally friendly impregnating agent for fabrics.

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