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Keralux® set P

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Complete maintenance set for: 'pigmented' leather.
With this set you get everything you need to maintain your pigmented (coated / semi-aniline) leather safely and easily. Use the soft cleaner to remove fresh stains and the lotion to nourish/protect the leather every six months.

Use the Keralux® set P twice a year to maintain the leather. Always try maintenance products in an inconspicuous place first before treating the entire furniture and read the instructions carefully before use. The sequence is always the same:

  1. Make sure the leather is dust-free. Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft furniture attachment, or a clean, soft cloth.
  2. Clean the leather with the Keralux® cleaner and then wipe the leather with a damp cloth (see: ‘Tips’).
  3. Nourish / protect with the Keralux® lotion. A thin layer is sufficient.

Allow the leather to dry completely in between steps.
See the user manual for more details, or watch the instructional video on Youtube!

In the package you’ll find: 

  • Keralux® lotion P (200ml).
  • Keralux® soft cleaner (200ml).
  • Sponge, cleaning wipes and a manual. 

The content is sufficient for 5-7 seats (depending on the model).
Expiration date: see packaging.

(!) Not suitable for: 
Nubuck, (partially) sanded leather, vintage leather, artificial leather, vegetable tanned leather, or olive leaf extract tanned leather. Check the maintenance advice per leather on the 'leather' page.

The answers to your most frequently asked questions.

• Why maintain every six months?
Leather needs attention, just like your own skin. That is why we recommend to maintain leather every six months with the maintenance products from the recommended maintenance set. Are you a 'frequent user' of your furniture? Then simply increase the frequency, for example to 1x per quarter.

• What should I do with new furniture?
With new furniture you only have to undertake two steps. In the first place, we advise you to dust off the leather when you take delivery. Then protect your furniture from day 1. 

• Is this the product for me?
That depends on the maintenance advice for your upholstery. We have tested all our products for you in our laboratory. Please click on 'Collections' and select your leather upholstery. 

• What can I do in case of discolouration?
Leathers with an open structure, such as natural aniline, vintage and saddle leather, will discolour more quickly. This is normal and fits in with this type of leather. Fortunately, there is still a lot that can be done to remedy the discolouration, or at least make it less noticeable. Grab your phone and take a picture of the discolouration and send it to us by email. Our experts will then get to work, of course free of charge!

• What can I do about stains?
Don't panic and don't start scrubbing! First check our stains page for the steps you can take now. Then send us a sharp photo of the stain by email. Don't forget to mention the specifications of the leather, like the manufacturer, the name and the colour code. Our experts will help you with professional advice and design a step-by-step treatment plan, just for you!


Do you have questions about this product? Then please contact us. 

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