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Maintain from day 1 with the Keralux® lotion Vi, then maintain every six months. Furthermore, you only have to dust and/or wipe the leather weekly with a damp cloth. Respond quickly in case of any stains, contact us if in doubt.

Adviced maintenance products:         

New furniture
Nourish the leather with a thin (!) layer of Keralux® lotion Vi:

Dust with the LCK® cleaning glove, or a clean lint-free cloth:

Just wipe, clean and nourish with the Keralux® cleaner and Keralux® lotion V:

Dehydration / discoloration​
Leather is a natural product, so it is quite normal that it discolors and dries out over time. Of course you can delay this by maintaining your leather every six months. Did it happen? Then we have two products for you here:

For new stains use the cleaner from the Keralux® set Vi first. Does this not work? Then please contact us by e-mail. Take a photo of the stain and send it as an attachment.


Also read our general information about maintaining leather. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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